hot-grand-prix-ladiesGrand prix is not just about cars, it’s also about the laaadies! We all want something beautiful too look at when we are indulging in F1 racing. It would be a sin to leave out these amazing creatures, as I’m sure they help motivate the drivers even more.


Here’s a few of the hotties I’ve found online that help make this such a great sport:

As you can see there are curves in both the cars and the ladies. How nice!

There are fit looking women, and simply beautiful ladies as well that make you look twice.

At any GP event you’ll have the drivers and their dedicated girls helping them with the visual motivation. After the races they hang out, talk and have fun. Many girls want has a dream about becoming one of the GP girls and I understand why. There’s lots of adrenaline filled action and cool speed filled, adrenaline junkie men with a mystery vibe. What else can they wish for?

There are all different walks of beauty, everything from ladies with dark exotic hair, blonde golden hair. They come in various shapes and sizes, short, tall, slim and curvy. Some of them obviously work as models while other are just naturally hot chicks.

Some of them do workouts to look great in their Instagram famous bikini body, which they have probably found from Kayla Itsines guide.

gridgirls(5) Line Up Ladies!

Before and event they may even line up and put on a show for the camera showing off their amazing bodies and smiles. As you can see, they’ve most likely been on some kind of Victoria Secret “best butt workout” or something that helps build up the booty.

I found an article from CNN here about the fact that men like having ladies around when racing Formula one. Well, I think that’s true no matter where we are, or what we are doing. Men love girls in MOST situations, so I’m certain this is not only when it comes to F1. What do you think?

Below are some awesome Grand prix videos for your full enjoyment!

Here are some more

And even more videos of the greatest races possible!

This will hopefully keep updating as the YT channels keep updating their videos.